Niobe de Deep by Tomas Jefferson

Voiced by: Takashi Matsuyama

One of the Specters presented by Kurumada in his original manga, Earthly Dark Star, Deep Niobe (地暗星ディープのニオベ, Chiansei Dīpu no Niobe?) followed Griffon Minos in his invasion of the Sanctuary (he was part of Rhadamanthys' legions). Confident of his immunity to poisons, he challenges Pisces Albafica and used the Deep Fragrance (ディープフレグランス, Dīpu Fureguransu?) a perfumed poisonous pheromone upon which contact organic matter rots, but Albafica easily survives it and kills him by using his venomous blood.

Age 25
Gender Male
Date of birth August 3
Nationality Bolivian
Class Specter
Loyalty Hades
Surplice Deep
Star Terrestrial Darkness Star
Height 1.81 m
Weight 80 kg
Blood type AB
Secret moves Deep Fragrance, Deep Perfume

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