Dullahan cube

Voiced by: Norihisa Mori

Earthly Shadowy Star, Dullahan Cube (地陰星デュラハンのキューブ, Chiinsei Dyurahan no Kyūbu?) was first seen among the group of Specters that attacked Alone and Tenma's village in Italy and, along with Bat Wimber, he is one of the assassins that Pandora sends to the Sanctuary in order to kill Pegasus Tenma. He is almost done with his task, but is stopped by Taurus Aldebaran while delivering the finishing blow. Nevertheless, he is the one who kills the Taurus Saint, albeit he is slain soon after by the Titan's Nova. Also one of the Specters found in the original manga.

Attacks: Death Messenger (デス・メッセンジャー, Desu Messenjā?): With this technique, a beheaded young woman carrying her own head in her arms appears, singing an incomprehensible litany that is always heard whether the listener is deaf or not, and stops his heart, killing him instantly

Age 24
Gender Male
Date of birth ?
Nationality Cuba
Class Specter
Title ?
Loyalty Hades
Surplice Dullahan
Earthly Shadowy StarEdit
Height 1,88 m
Weight 88 Kg
Blood type 0
Secret moves

Blood Spray Death Messanger

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