Age 22
Gender Male
Date of birth April 18
Nationality Australian
Class Specter
Loyalty Hades
Surplice Deadly Beetle
Star Divine Ugliness Star
Height 258 cm
Weight 240 kg
Blood type B
Secret moves Big Wall

Stand by me

Deadly Beetle Stand (天醜星デッドリービートルのスタンド, Tenshūsei Deddorī Bītoru no Sutando?) is one of Hades' 108 Spectres. Stand's power lies in the Divine Ugliness Star (天醜星)

a towering giant twice the size of Unicorn Yato, he fought him briefly inside Yomotsu Hirasaka, but was unable to defeat him when the Saint was called back into the world of the living. Later, he appears in Jamir amongst other Specters during the fight between Behemoth Violate and Leo Regulus, where he resumes his fight against Yato by strangling him. Killed mercilessly by Garuda Aiacos. Also one of the Specters present in the original manga. Attacks: Stand by Me (スタンド・バイ・ミー, Sutando Bai Mī?): Similar to a wrestling hold, this move brings Stand to hold his opponent and then crushes him with his own weight

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