Junkers de Lobo 1-1-
Wolf Junkers (狼星座のユンカース, Urufu no Yunkāsu?) is the name of the Wolf Bronze Saint living in the 18th century. One of the carpenters chosen to fix the ancient boat. Junkers appears to be the chief of the Bronze Saints, showing remarkable leadership and confidence among them. Even Leo Regulus showed respect to him by listening to his orders. To prevent the attack of thousands of Specters against the boat, Junkers shout them to grab each other and elevate their Cosmo to create a barrier, which proved ineffective against Garuda Aiacos attack. Aiacos then, rides his boat direct through Athena's, with every soldier and Saint avoiding the attack, only Junkers managed to stay in front of the boat to protect it, showing his incredible courage even knowing that he would be crushed by the attack. At the end, he is saved by the appearance of Sagittarius Sisyphos. Junkers sacrifices his life by using the power of the Orichalcum to start the boat. He has become one with that boat and his sacrifice ignite that to finally ascend to sky, giving encouragement to Unicorn Yato in order to pilot and control the sacred ship.

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